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30-Jul-2017 21:21

I’m over think things so choosing between two places to eat on Sunday afternoon when church lets out is something I try to avoid every single week. Well, because I take many things into consideration. You know, a movie, popcorn, coke, candy, all in a cute little bag and ready for “date night” at home?

BUT, I thought, why don’t I do something creative and inexpensive for him so that he can have something on Valentine’s day.

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The current exhibition of oil paintings and mosaics by Steinunn Bergsteinsdóttir are thought-provoking works that comment on the impact of tourism, climate change and geopolitics on Iceland, so be sure to log this stuff away as good conversation pieces for your drive home.

Back across the highway, just off Reykjarvegur, there’s a lush and sweet-smelling plant store tucked in the bushes.