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In other words, while unsuspecting people are unlikely to guess that an echoborg is a chat-bot, they sense that they’re not a normal human being.This may have been partly because of the fact that the echoborgs had very slow reactions.We didn’t find any independent, fully fledged shops in chats representing any American or European companies.Though there are plenty of such shops in the Chinese market, where many entrepreneurs run e-commerce business through We Chat messaging app only, without creating their website. We suppose, that the chatbots can not replace online shopping websites at the moment because of somewhat limited possibilities of chatbots design.They paused before speaking, due to the time required for the researcher to type what they heard into the chat-bot and then speak the response out-loud to the shadower.The mean ‘audio latency’ was around 5 seconds per statement.

The researcher made no mention of chat bots or of anything related to artificial intelligence.Furthermore, the participant was given no indication that their interlocutor would behave non-autonomously or abnormally.In the Text Chat condition, 14 of 21 (67%) of participants mentioned (prior to the researcher making any allusion to chat bots or anything computer-related) that they felt they had spoken to a computer program or robot…They show items without intended search as if you called in the store or were just browsing items.

They present in in form of collections, catalogs, etc.The chatbots on websites perform some useful services, but they have a big drawback – they do not reflect the trend towards mobile shopping.