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And finally, I hope that you enjoy ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ Exams and essays were stressful.

Especially, because Lance had to spend most of his time inside the library and read stuff about things he already knew instead of spending his time outside in the sun.

When he finally got all of his notes together and read through the whole stack of books on art and art history, he rubbed his tired eyes and got up to put the books back before he packed his things, grabbed his notebook and left the library. Keith, at the same time, was also sitting in the library, trying to focus on his studies.

He, like almost every other student, was surrounded by books over books, minding his own business, his hood pulled deep down into his face to.

Keith was very well aware of the fact that he was lactose intolerant but he couldn't care less.

The cheese tasted way too good to leave it out of his sandwich.

Bucky was a present from Matt and Shiro when Shiro moved in with his boyfriend and left Keith alone in their former shared flat. He liked being alone and not having two lovebirds around, especially at night. Keith just loved to note down random poems or lyrics between his own written stuff.I want to thank my babe Gabby and the Voltron Au group chat on ig for this idea.Sadly, I completely ran out of time and didn't manage to finish it completely but I like it the way it is now. Not beta'd by another human being so I'm incredibly sorry for any mistakes made.He knew that Shiro was pan and had a thing for light brown hair and geeky people. After a ten minute walk, Keith arrived at Subway, the others already waiting for him.

Shiro had his arm wrapped around Matt's shoulder while his boyfriend showed him something on his phone and Allura was talking to someone on the phone.

“Hey, big guy.“ He gently picked up the gingered cat and carried him over to the living room and put him down on the sofa before sitting down as well.